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51111 Instructor: Prof. Seiberling PHYSICS DEPARTMENT MET 1010 Final Exam December 15, 2003 Name (print, last ¯rst): Signature: On my honor, I have neither given nor received unauthorized aid on this examination. YOUR TEST NUMBER IS THE 5-DIGIT NUMBER AT THE TOP OF EACH PAGE. (1) Code your test number on your answer sheet (use 76{80 for the 5-digit number) . Code your name on your answer sheet. DARKEN CIRCLES COMPLETELY . Code your UFID number on your answer sheet. (2) Print your name on this sheet and sign it also. (3) Do all scratch work anywhere on this exam that you like. At the end of the test, this exam printout is to be turned in. No credit will be given without both answer sheet and printout with scratch work most questions demand. (4) Blacken the circle of your intended answer completely, using a #2 pencil or blue or black ink . Do not make any stray marks or some answers may be counted as incorrect. (5) The answers are rounded o®. Choose the closest to exact. There is no penalty for guessing. (6) Hand in the answer sheet separately. There are 33 multiple choice questions. Clearly circle the one best answer for each question. If more than one answer is marked, no credit will be given for that question, even if one of the marked answers is correct. Guessing an answer is better than leaving it blank. All questions are worth 3 points, except for one question, which is worth 4 points. The 4-point question is clearly indicated. Good Luck! 1. A °ag that consists of two red squares, each one having a black square in the middle, represents: (1) a hurricane warning (2) a gale warning (3) a storm watch (4) a storm warning (5) a hurricane watch 2. What type of weather front would be responsible for the following weather forecast: \Increasing high cloudiness and cold this morning. Clouds increasing and lowering this afternoon with a chance of snow or rain tonight. Precipitation ending tomorrow morning. Turning much warmer. Winds light easterly today becoming southeasterly tonight and southwesterly tomorrow." (1) warm front (2) stationary front (3) occluded front (4) cold front (5) \back door" cold front 3. Streamlines on a weather map depict: (1) water temperature (2) wind °ow (3) ocean currents (4) dew point (5) pressure 4. Most waterspouts would fall into which category of the Fujita scale? (1) F1 (2) F4 (3) F3 (4) F2 (5) F0 5. What is NOT true about the ITCZ (intertropical convergence zone)? (1) It is located where the trade winds from the northern and southern hemispheres meet. (2) It is associated with rainy, unsettled weather. (3) It is located in a region slightly north or south of the equator, depending on the season. (4) It is a region where the air is generally rising.
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met1010_f03_e4 - 51111 Instructor: Prof. Seiberling PHYSICS...

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