StudyGuideExam2 - forecasting methods – qualitative...

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Examination 2 – Chapters 10, 11, 12, 13, S13 , 14, 15, 17 Open book - potential problem types *Forecasting (all methods) Evaluating forecast error using MAD Economic order quantity Reorder point *Quantity discounts Monte Carlo simulation *Aggregate planning – pure strategies – chase or level Sequencing (similar to problem 17 – 6) *Johnson’s rule Product structure Closed book - suggested subject area study items Review end of chapter “summary” and “summary of key terms” 3 jobs of the operations manager supply chain and supply chain management definitions –RFID, EDI, bar codes sourcing (outsourcing) global supply chain supply chain transportation methods and logistics
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Unformatted text preview: forecasting methods – qualitative versus quantitative quantitative forecasting methods – time series, causal inventory role and definition inventory control systems and methods ABC classification periodic inventory continuous inventory inventory cost elements – ordering cost, carrying cost, shortage cost economic order quantity service levels random numbers Monte Carlo simulation aggregate production planning fig 14.1 p.610 strategies for adjusting capacity strategies for managing demand scheduling loading and load leveling sequencing - rules monitoring MRP...
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StudyGuideExam2 - forecasting methods – qualitative...

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