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BA320 Operations Management Examination 1 – Chapters 1, 4, 5, 6, 7, S7, 9 Examination 1 open book potential problems *CPM/PERT network scheduling Probability of schedule completion (normal distribution) Gantt chart Single and multi-factor productivity Reliability *Breakeven analysis - process choice Line balancing Center of gravity Load – distance Location factor rating Examination 1 closed book suggested study items Review each end of chapter “summary” and “summary of key terms” Review chapter opening 3 jobs of the operations manager 4 stages of group development 4 functions of management Projects Project plans Project team Project scheduling Project control Budget – schedule – scope intersect at “target” CPM/PERT Define operations (be able to draw a picture of each) Basic function Technical core Transformation process Positioning the firm Productivity and competitiveness Strategy formulation – primary task, core competency, order qualifiers, order winners
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Unformatted text preview: Competitive priorities Cost Quality Flexibility Speed *Product-process matrix figure 6.2 Service-process matrix figure 5.5 Design process figure 4.1 Idea generation methods Improving quality of design especially Quality Function Deployment (QFD) Characteristics of services Service design process Figure 5.4 Differences in service design for high/low contact services Table 5.1 Process strategy what is it? why is it important? Outsourcing Process selection with break-even analysis Process plans and process analysis Blueprints Bills of material Assembly charts Operations sheet Process flowchart Technology decisions Capacity planning - strategies Economies/diseconomies of scale *Basic facility layouts fixed position, process, and product Block diagramming Relationship diagramming Cellular layout Site selection factors...
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StudyGuideExam1 - Competitive priorities Cost Quality...

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