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BA320 Operations Management Examination 1 – Chapters 1, 4, 5, 6, 7, S7, 9 Examination 1 open book potential problems *CPM/PERT network scheduling Probability of schedule completion (normal distribution) Gantt chart Single and multi-factor productivity Reliability *Breakeven analysis - process choice Line balancing Center of gravity Load – distance Location factor rating Examination 1 closed book suggested study items Review each end of chapter “summary” and “summary of key terms” Review chapter opening 3 jobs of the operations manager 4 stages of group development 4 functions of management Projects Project plans Project team Project scheduling Project control Budget – schedule – scope intersect at “target” CPM/PERT Define operations (be able to draw a picture of each) Basic function Technical core Transformation process Positioning the firm Productivity and competitiveness Strategy formulation – primary task, core competency, order qualifiers, order winners
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Unformatted text preview: Competitive priorities Cost Quality Flexibility Speed *Product-process matrix – figure 6.2 Service-process matrix – figure 5.5 Design process – figure 4.1 Idea generation methods Improving quality of design – especially Quality Function Deployment (QFD) Characteristics of services Service design process Figure 5.4 Differences in service design for high/low contact services – Table 5.1 Process strategy – what is it? why is it important? Outsourcing Process selection with break-even analysis Process plans and process analysis Blueprints Bills of material Assembly charts Operations sheet Process flowchart Technology decisions Capacity planning - strategies Economies/diseconomies of scale *Basic facility layouts – fixed position, process, and product Block diagramming Relationship diagramming Cellular layout Site selection factors...
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StudyGuideExam1 - Competitive priorities Cost Quality...

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