3063_ProblemSet3 - PHY3063 Spring 2007 Problem Set 3 PHY 3063 Problem Set#3 Due Thursday February 8(in class(Total Points = 50 Late homework = 50

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PHY3063 Spring 2007 Problem Set 3 Department of Physics Page 1 of 1 PHY 3063 Problem Set #3 Due Thursday February 8 (in class) (Total Points = 50, Late homework = 50%) Reading: Finish reading Tipler & Llewellyn Chapter 2 and start reading Chapter 3. Problem 1 (10 points): The mass and radius of the sun are given by M sun = 1.99×10 30 kg , R sun = 6.96×10 8 m and the mass and radius of the earth by M earch = 5.98×10 24 kg , R earth = 6.37×10 6 m and the distance between the sun and the earth is d = 1.5×10 11 m . What is the fractional shift in the wavelength of the light coming from the sun to the earth due to the gravitational red shift? Express your answer in terms of the wavelength at earth minus the wavelength emitted at the sun all divided by the emitted wavelength ( i.e. (earth-sun)/sun). Assume that the earth and sun are at rest and that there are no other massive objects in the solar system.
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