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PHY3063 R. D. Field Department of Physics Chapter1_12.doc University of Florida Consider two clocks in the O- frame located a distance x = L apart ( simultaneous in the O- frame ) and one clock at the origin of the O'-frame . Let event A be the comparison of the O and O' clock at the origin and let the two clocks agree. Let event B be the comparison of the O' clock with the second O clock at x = L. A B Frame O x ct c t=c γτ x=L A B Frame O' x' ct' c t'=c τ x'=0 proper time = time at rest with clock ) ( ) ( t c x x x t c t c + = + = β γ 0 = = x c t c τ where 2 1 / 1 / = = c V . Thus, γβ c
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Unformatted text preview: x = ∆ and γτ = ∆ t Simultaneity: Suppose that two events A and B a distance ∆ x = L apart occur simultaneously in the O-frame ( i.e. ∆ t = 0). A B Frame O x ct c ∆ t=0 ∆ x=L Events simultaneous A B Frame O' x' ct' c ∆ t'=-βγ L ∆ x'= γ L Events NOT simultaneous L t c x x L x t c t c = ∆ − ∆ = ′ ∆ − = ∆ − ∆ = ′ ∆ ) ( ) ( y x ∆ x = L y' B x' V Simltaneous in O-frame O O' A Moving clocks are slower! Not simultaneous in O'-frame, event B occurs first!...
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