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PHY3063 R. D. Field Department of Physics Chapter1_17.doc University of Florida Relativistic Doppler Shift ( observer moving away ) Consider a light source at rest in the O-frame shinning its light in the x direction. Since the O-frame is at rest with the source of light f = f 0 , λ = λ 0 , and T = T 0 , where f 0 , λ 0 , and T 0 are the “proper frequency” , “proper wavelength” , and “proper period” of the light. The wavefronts travel at speed c and (in the O-frame ) the time between emitted wavefronts is T 0 and the distance between emitted wavefronts is λ 0 . Hence λ 0 = cT 0 which implies that λ 0 f = c since f 0 = 1/T 0 . Let t be the time between the rocket receiving wavefronts 1 and 2 (as observed in the O-frame ). In the O-frame
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