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PHY3063 R. D. Field Department of Physics Chapter3_4.doc University of Florida Accelerated Charges There are many ways to generate electromagnetic radiation, but all of them rely on the fact that accelerated charges radiate electromagnetic radiation . Consider a charge originally at rest at the origin. At t = 0 it accelerates for a short time t to acquire a speed β = V/c . The “kink” in the electric field lines introduced by the acceleration travels out at speed c . It is this “kink” that carries the information that the charge has accelerated and that its electric field configuration has change from a stationary charge to a moving charge. For distances away for the origin greater than t/c the news of the sudden acceleration of the charge has not yet
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Unformatted text preview: arrived. Note that the “kink” contains a transverse component of the electric field . This is the origin of the transverse electric field in a traveling wave. Note that r c Qa K E 2 sin θ = ⊥ . Whenever a charged particle is accelerated ( i.e. its velocity changes) it radiates electromagnetic radiation. The electric and magnetic field lines cannot adjust themselves in such a way that none of their stored energy is radiated away. E Q Stationary Charge: Spherically Symmetric E-field E θ Moving Charge: E-field NOT Spherically Summetric Q V c “Kink” in the E-field line expanding out at speed c! x-axis y-axis z-axis E B Direction of Propagation E ┴ a θ r Q...
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