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PHY3063 R. D. Field Department of Physics Chapter3_6.doc University of Florida Black-Body Radiation (1) Consider a body with a surface that has the property of absorbing all the radiation incident upon it ( i.e. a = e = 1 ). Such a body is called a “black body” . The small hole in spherical metallic ( i.e. conducting) cavity acts like a “black-body” surface (a = e = 1) . Since a = e = 1, 4 1 ) ( T dt dU A T I σ = = . Define λ dtd dU A T I 1 ) , ( = , where I(T, λ )d λ is the intensity at temperature T of the radiation between λ and λ +d λ such that 4 ) , ( ) ( T d T I T I all = = . Wien’s Displacement Law: If we plot the intensity versus the wavelength the data show that the
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