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Chapter3_8 - PHY3063 R D Field Black-Body Action Ymax...

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PHY3063 R. D. Field Department of Physics Chapter3_8.doc University of Florida “Action” variable Black-Body “Action” We have not discovered Planck’s constant yet. Nevertheless it is interesting to see how the “natural action” of the “Black- Body” radiation compares with Planck’s constant. If we define x a = (kT) × ( λ /c) = kx/c , then x a has dimensions of “action”. Now we plot 5 ) ( ) ( T z Y T λ ρ = , with hc kT hc kx h x z a λ = = = , where h is Planck’s constant. The data again lie on a universal curve with Y max occurring at z max = 0.2014 = x a /h , We see that the “natural” action for “Black-Body” radiation can be smaller
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