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Chapter3_12 - PHY3063 R D Field Maxwell-Boltzmann...

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PHY3063 R. D. Field Department of Physics Chapter3_12.doc University of Florida Maxwell-Boltzmann for an oscillator! Maxwell-Boltzmann Probability Distribution (2) Consider a system with a large number of vibrating springs. Assume that the system is isolated so that the total energy is constant . Assume that the springs can exchange energy with each other so that the system is in thermal equilibrium . Assume that all possible divisions of the energy occur with the same probability. Start with just four springs and assume that each spring can have energy E = 0, ∆ε , 2 ∆ε , 3 ∆ε , … and take the total energy to be E tot = n ∆ε with n = 3 and count the number of
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