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PHY4604 R. D. Field Department of Physics Chapter4_27.doc University of Florida Electrons and Magnetism Magnetic Dipole: The magnetic field on the z-axis of a current loop with area A= π R 2 and current I is given by B z (z) = 2k µ /z 3 , when z >> R , where the magnetic dipole moment µ = IA . Orbital Magnetic Moment: Consider a single particle with charge q and mass m undergoing uniform circular motion with radius R about the z-axis. The period of the orbit is given by T = 2 π R/v , where v is the particles speed. The magnetic moment ( called the orbital magnetic moment ) is µπ orb IA q T R q vR == = 2 2 , since I = q/T . The orbital magnetic moment can be written in terms of the orbital angular momentum,
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