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Unformatted text preview: PHY 1033 Fall 2010 Exam #3 In class (1 hr. 40 min. ending 4:40 pm) Ihas Nov. 9 You are allowed to consult one 8.5”x11” sheet of paper with anything written on it in your own hand, and to use a calculator, ruler, and pencils or pens. Number your answer to each question clearly, answering them in numerical order in a “Blue/Green Book” test form. If your exam book had enough pages left in it from the last exam, you may use it again. Clearly put your name on the front of the blue/green book with “Exam #3” and today’s date. Do not violate the UF honor code. Write on the front of the blue/green book “I have neither given nor received help from anyone during this exam”, and sign your name. Answers without the required justification or explanations will be counted wrong, even if they are correct. You may quietly ask me any question after raising your hand, but my answers will only clarify the exam questions. Good luck! c(light in air) = 3x108 m/s c(sound in classroom air) = 341 m/s n(water) = 1.33 f(microwave oven) = 2450 MHz h = 6.6x10‐34 J/Hz Q(electron) = 1.6x10‐19 Coulombs n(diamond) = 2.5 1. A demo in class showed two pendula swung into a magnetic field. The one with slits in the copper sheet swung thru the magnet g...
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