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Unformatted text preview: a light wave enters a block of clear glass from air? f 13. (2 pts) In the Compton Effect a photon collides with an atom, with another photon coming away from the collision. How are the wavelengths of the incoming and outgoing photons related (incoming greater than outgoing, the same as, or less than)? Are they the same photon? Wavelength increases (energy lost from photon), so it must be a different photon than that coming in. 14. (2 pts) Which bends more on diffracting, red or blue light? Which bends less on refracting, red or blue light? Red; red 15. A standing wave is composed of how many waves doing what? Be specific. 2 waves of same f moving in opposite directions. 16. What is Brewster’s angle (in degrees) for light reflecting off a facet of a diamond? tanӨ=n so arctan2.5=68°=Brewster’s angle 17. Why does putting two polarizers oriented at right angles to each other in front of each slit in Young’s interference experiment prevent the interference pattern from being seen? Be concise. Each polarizer will pass photons of different polarization, which means the photons...
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