labIntro - PHY 1033C Fall 2010 Discovering Physics...

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PHY 1033C Fall 2010 Discovering Physics Laboratory Physics is an experimental science. This means that we don’t guess about the way that nature behaves, rather we carefully craft theories which are meant to predict what will happen in very specific circumstances. Physics can predict the future with enough knowledge about the present. It is the role of the laboratory and experiments to test this ability to predict. Requirements: 1 bound, 5 × 5 quadrille ruled Composition Book for a laboratory journal. Different AMPAD Corp 26–251 or someone else. It is important that this book is bound to keep all of your notes together and that it has little squares on each page to aid in graph making. On the front of such a book usually all of the following words will appear: Composition Book , 80 sheets , 10 × 7 7 8 , 5 × 5 quadrille ruled . Such a book is usually called a “composition book”, and is smaller than a typical sheet of notebook paper. Be sure to look for the uniform squares on each page—they make graphs a lot easier to construct. If the lines are just horizontal, or if it says “College Ruled” on the front cover, then that is not what we want. If the book costs more than about $3.50 then it is probably the wrong kind of lab book. If it costs more than $5 it is certainly not what we want! All laboratory work and reports are to be written in this journal. It is considered bad form to make notes on a separate page and to copy that back to the lab journal. ALL work
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labIntro - PHY 1033C Fall 2010 Discovering Physics...

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