lecture25 - Quiz 1 Absolute zero is the temperature at...

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12/2/2010 1 Quiz 1 • Absolute zero is the temperature at which: • A. All motion ceases • B. Water freezes • C. Theoretically a gas has zero volume • D. All of the above • E. None of the above Quiz 2 We vused which law to determine he value of absolute zero: A. Lambert’s Law B. Boyle’s Law C. Faraday’s Law D. Charles Law E. Kepler’s law The gas increases by 1/273 of its volume at 0°C for each °C rise of temperature. This means that the coefficient of expansion of all gases is the same. The law is only approximately true. Jacques Alexandre César Charles Quick Quiz What is the most likely cause of error in the determination of Absolute Zero done in lab? • A. Human error • B. Thermometer readings • C. Syringe readings • D. Some uncontrolled factor, like water vapor in the air in syringe • E. Gravity KELVIN, Lord (William Thomson) (1824 - 1907) • Proposed an absolute scale of temperature in 1848. Quiz 3: After who is he absolute temeprature scale named? A. Celsius B. Fahrenheit C. Rankine D. Kelvin E. Charles Quiz 4: Who invented the artificial machine? A. John Gorrie B. Lord Kelvin C. John Carrier D.Ferdinand Carre E. Bernard Machen Refrigeration Ferdinand Carre -developed successful Ice Business Gorrie-1850 Apalachicola Museum First Ice Machine
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12/2/2010 2 1852 Quiz 5: What is the name of the relativity you experience riding in a car or an airplane? A. Galilean relativity B. Special relativity C. General relativity According to Galilean Relativity, the laws of mechanics are the same in all inertial frames of reference An inertial frame of reference is one in which Newton’s Laws are
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lecture25 - Quiz 1 Absolute zero is the temperature at...

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