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Optics: Reflection, Refraction 05/25/2006 Lecture 16 Quick Quiz • Why do things look blurry to us when under water unless we use goggles? • A. Because of waves and other disturbances in the water • B. Because fish move faster than our eyes can move • C. Because the index of refraction of the lens in the eye is almost equal to that of water • D. Because water is bad for humans
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Unformatted text preview: Bright bands s The upper wave has to travel farther than the lower wave s The upper wave travels one wavelength farther s Therefore, the waves arrive in phase s Bright fringes occur when the path length differs by exactly mλ Quick Quiz What is the difference in path lengths for the dark bands? A.m λ B.(m+1) λ C.(m+½) λ D.(m+¾) λ E.Can not be predicted...
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