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Earth’s Magnetic Field s The Earth’s geographic north pole corresponds to a magnetic south pole s The Earth’s geographic south pole corresponds to a magnetic north pole s Strictly speaking, a north pole should be a “north-seeking” pole and a south pole a “south-seeking” pole Quick Quiz s The red end of a compass needle which points “North” is which end of a dipole magnet? s A. North pole s B. South pole Electric Charges in Magnetic Fields s Moving charges feel magnetic force
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Unformatted text preview: perpendicular to path of s This force has a maximum value when the charge moves perpendicularly to the magnetic field lines s This force is zero when the charge moves along the field lines s This force is zero if the charge is stationary s Superconducting magnets s 300000 Gauss or 30 Tesla s Earth’s magnetic field s 0.5 G or 5 x 10-5 T θ sin Bqv F = Quick Quiz s How many G in a T? A. 10-5 D. 10 5 B. 10-4 E. 0.5 x 10-5 C. 10 4...
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