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Quick Quiz What is the frequency of the photon that produces a pair with zero speed? A.1.02x10 6 x1.6x10 -19 /6.2x10 -34 = 2.6x10 20 Hz B.1.02x1.6x10 -19 /6.2x10 -34 = 2.6x10 14 Hz C.1.02x10 6 /6.2x10 -34 =1.6x10 27 Hz D.1.02/6.2x10 -34 =2.6x10 33 Hz Quick Quiz: Which conservation law dictates that 2 photons must be
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Unformatted text preview: produced? A. Momentum B. Energy C. Charge Quick Quiz What is the role of the massive particle in this reaction? A.Conservation of Energy B.Conservation of Mass C.Conservation of Momentum D.Conservation of Photons...
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