2020ex3f05 - 77777 77777 Instructor(s): Professor Meisel...

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77777 77777 Instructor(s): Professor Meisel PHYSICS DEPARTMENT PHY 2020 Mid-term Exam 3 22 Nov 2005; 8:20 – 10:10 pm, NPB 1001 Name (print, last first): Signature: YOUR TEST NUMBER IS THE 5-DIGIT NUMBER AT THE TOP OF EACH PAGE. (1) Code your test number on your answer scansheet (use lines 76–80 for the 5-digit number). Code your name and UFID on your answer sheet. Do not insert a hyphen or space into your UFID. (2) Blacken the circle of your intended answer completely, using a #2 pencil or black pen. Do not make any stray marks, or your sheet may not scan correctly. (3) Print your name on this exam paper and sign it after reading the “Honor Code” statement. (4) Do all scratch work on this exam and on the scratch paper provided. When you finish, place your scratch paper inside this exam paper and return all the materials to the Proctor. No credit will be given unless the scan sheet, exam paper, and scratch paper are all returned. (5) Write your test number onto your formula sheet and take it home. It is your record of taking this exam. (6) For each problem, choose the answer that is closest to exact. (We suggest you work all problems to at least three significant figures.) Assume that given angles are exact. (7) You may have only the following items on your desk: Calculator (graphing calculator is OK); Four sheets of approved notes (8 . 5 inch × 11 inch); No other aids are allowed or required; Scratch paper (as provided by proctors); Pen/pencil & eraser; UF Gator-one ID card. Other than your calculator and your wristwatch, you may not have any other electronic devices in your sight (no cell phones, PDAs, pagers, iPods, etc.) (8) All of the problems will be graded and will be tabulated to generate a final score. Therefore, you should submit work for all of the problems. (9) All work must be shown to receive full credit. Work must be clear and unambiguous. Be sure that you hand your completed work to the Proctor. (10) Each problem is worth 5 points. (11) Following the UF Honor Code, your work on this examination must reflect your own independent effort, and you must not have given, nor received, any unauthorized help or assistance. On all work submitted for credit by students at the University of Florida, the following pledge is either
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2020ex3f05 - 77777 77777 Instructor(s): Professor Meisel...

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