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02-q3 - PHY 3062(and PHY 3513 NANIE and(Last 4 SSN...

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Unformatted text preview: PHY 3062 (and PHY 3513) NANIE and (Last 4 SSN): “Thermal Physics” Fall 2002 Quiz 3 (5 points) 13 September 2002 Professor Mark W. Meisel PLEASE PRINT and box final results. Show all work for full credit. Work must be clear and unambiguous for credit. Suppose that Show that the equation of state is where a and A are constants. \ fit V (iv-Av: it: \‘ Kg —.L 3.! L-ku CT is a (“Mar-ad“ CW3" ant/‘1‘» effigy) “he“ 4 I? 4 fans” ...
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