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Myers Briggs Type Inventory o Where you think: extrovert vs. introvert o What material you pay attention to: sensory vs. intuition o How you make a decision: thinking vs. feeling o How you implement decisions: judging vs. perceptive Gardner scale: word smart, number smart, body smart, etc. Competing for a job: o Qualify the prospect o Credentialing (attributes and experiences you have amassed) vs. hiring o Lingo: 800 pound gorilla: that which cannot be ignored Column fodder: people recruiters talk to to “improve” numbers
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Unformatted text preview: Value add: the thing that makes someone more valuable No silver bullets: even if you are the best candidate everything wont always go perfectly o Job descriptions: Hard skills: degree, experience Soft skills: time management, degree of independence/ self-starter Are you a match: T account qualification They want I have...
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