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Good business cover letter: o Opening: 2-3 sentences o Strongest match first o Next paragraph about the same length o Close: 2-3 sentences Course pack pg. 16: o Opening paragraph too long o Follow “Dear Mr. Herman” with a colon, not a comma o “Please consider” more respectful than “I want” o 2 nd sentence is weak: not about what they can do for you, how can you contribute to them o Admitting lack of experience is honest and not exactly bad (grand subordinate clause: “while I don’t have direct experience in…, I do have experience…”) o At the close specify you follow-up: “I will call on the week of Sept. 20 unless I hear
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Unformatted text preview: otherwise before that, to see if I meet your potential” • Course pack pg. 17: o “Fully prepared” should be replaced by “well prepared” • Write to the posting: o “The job posting indicates that you seek a candidate with excellent time management skills…” o “Thank you for your time and consideration” at the close is good o “As my resume shows” is appropriate • Cover letter leads to face time or phone call...
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