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Class 3 - No seriffed fonts on powerpoints in this class o...

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Visual Cueing Visual cues in documents: o Lots of moving parts (font size, style, white space, size of real estate, audience taste, importance of points) o Think PARC: proximity, alignment, repetition, contrast Prize high skimming techniques o Font style: TNR is safe, not Bohemian (too young), Old High German (Hitler), Swiss Helvetica (created by Jews, Arial) Pick one font family and stick w/ it: modern types include Verdana, Tahoma, Calibri) Don’t mix classic fonts or modern fonts Can do a modern for heading and classic for body
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Unformatted text preview: No seriffed fonts on powerpoints in this class o Proximity: Alignment: center alignment for heading requires more work for audiences Repetition: use same font o Contrast: Adds visual interest (body text is between 9 and 12) Bolding headings helps o Other design conventions: Line length: no more than 65 to 70 characters per line Ragged right margins: good, no left/right justification Islands of information are better than “strings”...
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