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Class 7 - • Follow through: o Justify how you know it’s...

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Long Report Assignment: Microsoft Word and PowerPoint; pitchbook (smush skeleton of PP w/ more info. for report), email, elevator pitch o All these things will be based off of the long report o Problem/ solution or opportunity/ solution; do we have a problem/ opportunity?, how do we solve it? Imagine yourself in a business… o Explain a business problem o Explain ideas to solve (if the cost will be $100000, what will it net me?) Idea generation: o Records show one store in our chain consistently performs worse than its sister stores o A process is less than efficient o A hot new item recently introduced is proving itself to be not so hot
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Unformatted text preview: • Follow through: o Justify how you know it’s a problem (what have you counted/ measured?) o Explain options (problem solvable in a couple of options…) o Explain how/ whom to fix (resources, timeline, etc.) o Explain how not to ever have this problem again • Grading: raising the bar o Assumptions: Design complex report Shape specific purpose statement o What you master now: The data you bring forth to defend your option How you handle that data Can make up all statistics...
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