Class 8

Class 8 - Explain solutions(criteria for success do not...

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For Mon.: back of course pack, which of 2 reports are best? FUD: Fear Uncertainty Discontent o How can you push peoples’ buttons to get them to buy something (if you go down the marketing/ advertising route) Problem/ Solution Reports People don’t want to hear bad news Explain the problem: o Expect anger and frustration o Don’t hedge o Stress solving little problems rather than big problems o Practical techniques: Mind word choice Remind audience of common goals Set criteria for success early Format: o Logo o Routing o Launch o Discussion: Explain the problem (background, analysis)
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Unformatted text preview: Explain solutions (criteria for success, do not case build!, what is it we want and how do criteria get us there?); still discuss upsides and downsides of each solution, just later in report Implementation: • Basic questions to answer: o What is problem? o How do we know?, what have we counted? o What is impact? o What caused it? o What is/ who is involved? • Areas of persuasion: o Emotional appeals: e.g. fear o Factual appeals: e.g. stats, authorities o Examples: e.g. anecdotes, comparison...
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Class 8 - Explain solutions(criteria for success do not...

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