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Class 9 - o The point I want to make is that o Common...

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Editing: Fastpath Editing is not proofing, it is making sentences more crisp Kill 1: false starts o “It is/ was…” o “There is/ was/ are/ has been…” o Very common sentence pattern o “There appear to be 2 forms of CJD disease” should be written “2 forms of CJD disease exist without any known treatment” o Word “this” should be followed by noun o Balance formal vs. informal depending on audience Kill 2: slow starts o “Blah blah blah blah is that…” o “My belief is that…”
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Unformatted text preview: o The point I want to make is that o Common problem: forms of verb to be Kill 3: adverbial intensifiers o Very, really, quite o Add emotional, nebulous appeals, not quantified arguments Kill 4: let words work o A period of 3 months should be 3 months o Past experience should be experience o At present should be now Kill 5: love verbs, not nouns...
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