Class 11

Class 11 - and bad things in red (especially bottom line...

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Final email: o In 150 words net out the point of Long Report (editing and formatting) o Subject line doesn’t matter but everything else does Pitchbook: Combine MS Word Long Report and PowerPoint for Long Report New font size: 12 to 18 Pitchbook structure: o Title slide o Exec. summary: distilled version of report and print) o Table of contents slide: TOC, something to clarify progression o Content slides o Summary slide(s)/ conclusion Challenge of PowerPoint playing field: o Content per slide: about 100 words o Exec. summary slide: use bullets, bolding in places o TOC slide: use indenting and “islands” o Content slides: use tables and diagrams whenever possible; put good things in green
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Unformatted text preview: and bad things in red (especially bottom line numbers) Think like a boss: o Defend every single point which you make Tight editing Structure: o Islands of info. o Some smart art (a healthy mix) o Between 15 and 20 slides Give more detail on financial projections Elevator Pitch: Dont do an info. dump, use the pearl to elicit conversation Beginning chitchat should transition conversation to your topic Make good eye contact Dont just stop when the doors open, dont wiggle, dont fidget Dress up to act the part Dont case build, cite key numbers Bring business card, one pg. handout...
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Class 11 - and bad things in red (especially bottom line...

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