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Busi. 405 Notes

Busi. 405 Notes - Infrequently means high distinctiveness...

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Perceptions and Attributions Attributions: process of deciding whether a behavior or event is caused largely by internal or external factors o External: job, supervisor, equipment, luck, etc. o Internal: ability, skills, experience, knowledge, effort, etc. 3 attribution rules: o Consistency: How often did the person behave this way? High consistency associated with internal, low consistency associated with external o Distinctiveness: How often does person behave this way in other settings? Frequently means low distinctiveness, associated with internal
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Unformatted text preview: Infrequently means high distinctiveness, associated with external o Consensus: How often do other people behave this way? Frequently means high consensus, associated with external Infrequently means low consensus, associated with internal • Affect the accuracy of attributions: o Fundamental Attribution Error: Tendency to see the person, rather than the situation, as the cause of behavior o Self serving bias: Tendency to attribute our successes to internal factors and our failures to external factors...
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