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Creativity 1 - Disengagement from problem o Insight the...

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Creativity Creativity involves: o Breaking out of established patterns in order to look at things in a different way o Capacity to think about new and useful ideas (ability) Innovation: o Actual production of new/ useful ideas (behavior) o Why bother?: Top competitive advantage for organizations High creativity can lead to high performance? Actually: there is some balance between too much creativity and performance declining Creative process in text: o Preparation o Incubation o Insight o Verification o What about the why?: motivation An improved process: o Motivation o Preparation: making the strange familiar o Manipulation: making the familiar strange Looking at what you know in new ways o Incubation: occasional need for distraction
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Unformatted text preview: Disengagement from problem o Insight: the moment when everything “clicks” o Verification: feedback from others on the idea • Gets in the way of creativity: o Tradition and habit “We always do it this way” o Following the rules o Experts Know a lot about a little o Assumptions “Good idea, but you’ve gotta assume that…” o Reward systems Need rewards But, not too much $ b/c people will then only attempt creativity for large sums Also, can’t only reward creativity that works o Resource constraints o To err is wrong o Our society tends to “beat” creativity/ mistakes out of adults...
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