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Creativity 2 - o Improving creativity from organizational...

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Creativity Improving creativity: o Improve leader support for creativity 3 leader behaviors that hurt creativity: Under or over specifying employee assignments Monitoring too often or not enough/ giving unconstructive feedback Not solving problems that arise/ creating new problems 5 behaviors to improve creativity: Support employees emotionally Provide feedback Publicly recognize employees for good performance Asking about employee views/ needs/ opinions Occasionally roll up sleeves and work w/ employees Help employees feel good o Leads to more fluid/ original thinking o “Sweat the small stuff”
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Unformatted text preview: o Improving creativity from organizational perspective: Manipulation: Encourage joint activities, collaboration Do not play by the rules, play with the rules Re-define the problem Support development of divergent thinking skills Keep you creative neurons active Verification: Learn to accept criticism Make decisions twice Stick a PIN in new ideas (Positive aspects, Interesting aspects, Negative aspects) 80% of comments on wheelbarrow activity were negative, learn to except criticism as well...
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Creativity 2 - o Improving creativity from organizational...

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