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Expectancy Model 1

Expectancy Model 1 - o Reinforcement perspective o Or you...

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Hausser Food Products Hausser is losing market share and growth Incurring greater % of costs Of Brenda Cooper’s districts: o Only Jay Boyer and his sales team are doing well (by selling baby food to elderly) o Little incentive to reveal secret Next year’s sales goals would increase Only $500 reimbursement for sharing idea o Salespeople value: Bonuses \ Autonomy in job Teamwork Social interaction Expectancy Model of Motivation Why study for an exam? o Drive/ need perspective o Goal perspective
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Unformatted text preview: o Reinforcement perspective o Or, you might study hard b/c you expect studying to help you do well Will lead to better grade, better GPA But tradeoff is spending less time having fun • 3 pieces of model: o Effort leads to Performance leads to Outcomes o If I put forth effort, will I perform well?: E-P o If I perform will I get rewarded?: P-O o Do I value these outcomes?: O o To be motivated employees must say “yes” to each question...
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