Expectancy Model 2

Expectancy Model 2 - Reduce possibility that negative...

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Expectancy Model of Motivation E to P link: o To strengthen: Select employees with necessary skills and abilities, train Clarify goals and expectations Insure sufficient resources Provide examples of previous successes Provide coaching and feedback o Hausser: Any aspects of jobs that constrain performance? Answer: excess paperwork P to O link: o To strengthen: Measure job performance accurately Make sure employees know outcomes available for good/ poor job performance Provide examples of what others got for good performance o Hausser: Are their outcomes seen as equitable? Answer: not concerning suggestion policy O link (valence of outcomes): o To ensure positively valued outcomes: Identify important employee needs Ensure available outcomes are valued Individualize outcomes Provide outcomes contingent on outcomes
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Unformatted text preview: Reduce possibility that negative outcomes might be linked to good performance o Hausser: Extrinsic outcomes: money Intrinsic outcomes: freedom, customer interaction • Putting expectancy pieces together: o E leads to P o P leads to O o O must be positive • Hausser conclusion: o What should Brenda do about the Florida team? Spend more time in Florida Explain to corporate that salespeople shouldn’t get “punished” for their discovery Lobby corporate to make some fundamental changes • Putting motivation pieces together: o E to P affected by: Drives Goals Job design o P to O affected by: Reinforcement Rewards o O to satisfaction linked to: Equity o Satisfaction to E linked to: Less absenteeism Less turnover...
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Expectancy Model 2 - Reduce possibility that negative...

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