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Goals and Jobs as Motivation 1

Goals and Jobs as Motivation 1 - o Goal commitment can the...

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Goals and Jobs as Motivation Motivation via goals: o Profits, revenues, market share, costs, new products Do employees know what to do?: o What employees believe the manager wants? o Overlap in expectations should be as close to 100% as possible Goal setting theory: o Motivating technique that uses certain types of goals to enhance performance Goals that make a difference; o Specific goals: exact level of achievement o Relevant: tasks within a person’s control o Challenging: not too easy but not too hard
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Unformatted text preview: o Goal commitment: can the person do it?, clear job descriptions and feedback about past performance o Acceptable goals: is the person willing to do it?, participation in goal setting, support from organization, rewards for accomplishment o Feedback about performance • When goal setting doesn’t work: o Jobs are too complex o Jobs are too inter-related o There is no reliable performance measure o Little feedback o There are few valued rewards for goal accomplishment...
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