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Goals and Jobs as Motivation 2

Goals and Jobs as Motivation 2 - All lead to • Work...

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Goals and Jobs as Motivation Frederick Taylor: o Rewards for assembly line motivation o High productivity but low intrinsic motivation and high costs o How can you put jobs together to increase intrinsic motivation? o As breadth and autonomy of a job increases, motivation increases The jobs characteristics model: 5 core characteristics o Sill variety: Opportunity to use many valued skills in job o Task identity: Extent which job allows complete piece of work to be done o Task significance: Impact of job on organization and society o Autonomy/ depth: Extent which job provides freedom to schedule own procedures o Job feedback: Feedback from job itself, rather than inspector o Relationships among 5 characteristics: 1,2, and 3: lead to meaningfulness 4: leads to responsibility 5: leads to knowledge of results
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Unformatted text preview: All lead to: • Work effectiveness • Intrinsic work motivation • Growth satisfaction • General satisfaction However, there are still individual differences: • Based on employee knowledge and skill o Low skills lead to dissatisfied • Satisfaction w/ context o E.g. pay, supervisor • Growth/ need strength o Individual yearning to enrich job • Also may create problems for supervisors, alter other systems in organization o How can this be used in organization?: Statefarm goes from assembly line to each employee doing everything • Actually becomes more efficient Changes: • Combine tasks • Form groups/ natural work units • Establish relations w/ external clients • Establish relations w/ internal clients • Reduce supervision...
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