Leadership A

Leadership A - o Some do extraversion conscientiousness...

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Leadership Leadership: moving individuals from an existing situation to an improved one o Persuasion rather than domination o Need others willing to follow Leadership and management: o Management: coping with complexity, doing things right o Leadership: coping with change, doing the right things o Today’s organizations: need more management and leadership History of leadership: o Most powerful man, o Royal family lineage, o Voting of citizens ABC’s of leadership: o Antecedents: what personal traits does he bring? o Behaviors/ styles: what he does?, how he leads? o Context/ situation: why, when, and where he leads? Antecedents/ traits: o Most traits don’t affect leadership
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Unformatted text preview: o Some do: extraversion, conscientiousness, positive self concept, drive, integrity, need for socialized power, job related knowledge, intelligence, emotional intelligence) o 5 key characteristics of best leaders: Genuine Comfortable w/ uncertainty Focused on the human side Committed to growth Obsessed w/ execution o The problem w/ traits: Identifying/ changing traits is hard We don’t know the relative importance of various traits Traits relate to potential and not performance Approach doesn’t separate cause from effect Ignores situational factors Ignores what leaders actually do...
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Leadership A - o Some do extraversion conscientiousness...

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