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Leadership B - Provide necessary resources Takes short-term...

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Leadership Behaviors: o Different styles, each w/ its own behaviors o Directive leadership: Focused on getting the job done, often to the exclusion of explanation and discussion Task oriented behaviors: reflect leaders’ efforts to control subsidiaries work o Democratic: Willingness to work w/ subordinates to make sure decisions are fair and reasonable People oriented behaviors: show interest in needs of subordinates o Laissez faire: Allows subordinates to make own decisions Engage in few o f the behaviors o Transactional: Help employees achieve objectives w/ rewards and sanctions
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Unformatted text preview: Provide necessary resources Takes short-term perspective o Transformational: Changes teams by engaging in creating a vision for employees, communicating that vision, and modeling its pursuit Motivating employees to strive for vision, rewards Longer-term perspective o Key is to be comfortable w/ multiple styles of leadership o Problems w/ focusing on behaviors: What comes first, the style or the results? Is there a “best” style profile? Doesn’t consider the situation...
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