Perceptions - Stereotyping Primacy effect: forming an...

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Perceptions and Attributions Perceptions: the process of receiving info. about and making sense of the world around us o What we perceive is what is real o Perceptual process: Stimulus Attention Organization Interpretation Response Feedback Stimulus o Influences on attention (external factors): Status: homeless Donald Trump? Roles: role of mother vs. role of female executive Traits: male vs. female o Influences on attention (internal factors): Values Motivations Experiences Habits Expectations o Organizing and interpreting processes: Figure ground: figures vs. background Closure: filling in the blanks Context: a plus sign rotate is a multiplication sign o Mistakes that affect perceptions: Selective perception/ perceptual defense: biased interpretations based on opinions
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Unformatted text preview: Stereotyping Primacy effect: forming an opinion about people based on first impressions Recency effect: forming opinion based on most recent info. received about people Halo effect: allowing someones performance in one dimension to unduly influence our evaluation of their performance on other dimensions Contrast effect: perceptions biased by comparison of one individuals traits to those of other individuals False consensus: assuming that others posses beliefs and characteristics similar to our own o Improving inaccuracies: Understand these errors can occur Work to prevent them from happening Understand and acknowledge our own biases by becoming more self aware Gather info. from others...
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Perceptions - Stereotyping Primacy effect: forming an...

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