Reinforcement 2

Reinforcement 2 - • Consistent • Equitable •...

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Reinforcement and “Motivation” Negative reinforcement: o Increases desired behavior by removing some consequence Punishment: o Decreases undesired behaviors o The difficulties: Results of punishment may be unpredictable Punishment does not necessarily indicate the desired Punishment may be viewed as a reinforce by some Punishment can have an unknown influence on others (may generate negative attitudes toward the punisher, may become reinforcing to the punisher) o To punish: Define expected behaviors and what will be punished Identify what expectation was violated and why the punishment Punish in private Remember “hot stove” rules: Immediate
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Unformatted text preview: • Consistent • Equitable • Impersonal • When is it punishment or negative reinforcement?: o Sometimes both depending on behavior • Extinction: o Usually decreases undesired behaviors by ignoring them • Difficulties in using reinforcement: o Can be hard to accurately measure performance o Time lags between performance and reinforcement o Conflicting consequences from managers and family (e.g. long work weeks) o Reinforcement for some employees may lead to unintended consequences for other employees o Different effects on employee of same consequence at different times o Ethical concerns about behavior modification...
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Reinforcement 2 - • Consistent • Equitable •...

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