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Change 3 - o Motivate (create a sense of urgency): Help...

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Change and Change Management 7 step change process: o Understand need for change: Gather information to better understand organization, competitive situation, and the attitudes of key stakeholders likely affected by change Evaluate forces for and against change (force field analysis) o Enlist core change team: Enlist core change team to lead change effort Assess stakeholder resistance to gauge organization’s readiness for change and to identify levels of resistance and support for the proposed change o Envisage (develop and vision strategy): Establish vision that describes target of change An effective vision is tangible, desirable, feasible, flexible, focused, and simple Develop strategy that fleshes out details of vision, describes steps needed to reach vision, and is participative/ rigorous/ open
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Unformatted text preview: o Motivate (create a sense of urgency): Help employees at all levels understand the business and personal consequences associated w/ the status quo Deliver competitive and financial information that clearly shows a significant problem, threat, or opportunity Work to reduce resistance and increase support for change by: Education: o Communicate information o Provide training Participation: o Input into planning as appropriate o Involve in implementation as appropriate Facilitation: o Provide resources o Remove obstacles Negotiation: o Emphasize/ increase gains o Deemphasize/ reduce losses Manipulation: o Token involvement (listening w/o acting) o Partial information Coercion: o Direct or indirect threats o Punishments o Dismissal...
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Change 3 - o Motivate (create a sense of urgency): Help...

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