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Change 3 - o Motivate(create a sense of urgency Help...

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Change and Change Management 7 step change process: o Understand need for change: Gather information to better understand organization, competitive situation, and the attitudes of key stakeholders likely affected by change Evaluate forces for and against change (force field analysis) o Enlist core change team: Enlist core change team to lead change effort Assess stakeholder resistance to gauge organization’s readiness for change and to identify levels of resistance and support for the proposed change o Envisage (develop and vision strategy): Establish vision that describes target of change An effective vision is tangible, desirable, feasible, flexible, focused, and simple (think BB&T’s vision) Develop strategy that fleshes out details of vision, describes steps needed to reach vision, and is participative/ rigorous/ open
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Unformatted text preview: o Motivate (create a sense of urgency): Help employees at all levels understand the business and personal consequences associated w/ the status quo Deliver competitive and financial information that clearly shows a significant problem, threat, or opportunity Work to reduce resistance and increase support for change by: Education: o Communicate information o Provide training Participation: o Input into planning as appropriate o Involve in implementation as appropriate Facilitation: o Provide resources o Remove obstacles Negotiation: o Emphasize/ increase gains o Deemphasize/ reduce losses Manipulation: o Token involvement (listening w/o acting) o Partial information Coercion: o Direct or indirect threats o Punishments o Dismissal...
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Change 3 - o Motivate(create a sense of urgency Help...

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