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Corporate Culture 2

Corporate Culture 2 - Some strong cultures can blind...

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Corporate Culture Why is it important? o Helps us determine “who is us” and “who isn’t” o Provides sense of identity o Increases commitment to something larger than one’s self o Stabilizes social system (provides greater predictability of behavior, provides control in absence of control) o Impact on performance? Culture can act as a “blinder” o Organizations able to perform well tend to have strong cultures, but o Strong cultures don’t necessarily lead to better performance
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Unformatted text preview: Some strong cultures can blind organization as to what’s happening in environment Some cultures can be negative or “psychopathic” • Maintaining/ changing culture: o Hire new employees who will fit o Socialize new employees to ensure fit o (Re)move employees who don’t fit o Communicate appropriate cultural values o Model appropriate values o Reward appropriate attitudes/ behaviors...
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