Empowerment and Delegation 1

Empowerment and Delegation 1 - Self determination Meaning...

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The Other Side of Leadership: Empowerment and Delegation The MacGregor Case: o What traits make him an effective leader? Job intelligence Emotional intelligence Can change leader style when necessary (usually laissez faire) o Subordinate goals: Advancement in company Provides opportunities for leading, gaining experience o Leaders usually: Persuade Influence Direct Control o Some also involve workers via: Delegation Empowerment Delegation and empowerment differences: o Employee task: In delegation manager decides what/ how In participation there is a joint decision In empowerment employee decides what/ how o Delegation: Direction Control
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Monitoring o Empowerment:
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Unformatted text preview: Self determination Meaning Competence Impact • Advantages to MacGregor’s delegation/ empowerment approach: o More personal time o Higher subordinate knowledge o Employee satisfaction o Saves time for leader (long run) o Develops subordinates o Demonstrates confidence in subordinates o Increases subordinate commitment, morale o Enhances managerial influence • Disadvantages: o Can be time consuming (at first anyway) o May reduce managerial control o May create “goal displacement”: focus on worker tasks could take away from organization-wide goals o Can become addictive: to leader and subordinates...
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Empowerment and Delegation 1 - Self determination Meaning...

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