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Empowerment and Delegation 2

Empowerment and Delegation 2 - May not believe subordinates...

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The Other Side of Leadership: Empowerment and Delegation Sources of leader/ manager resistance: o What could prevent other leaders from adopting Mac’s style? May not believe subordinates have necessary ability Feel they need to know what’s happening Believe it’s quicker to do work themselves Believe that organization’s culture expects them to put in long hours They don’t want to lose power/ control Don’t want to lose possible recognition They may be afraid of employees making costly mistakes
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Unformatted text preview: May not believe subordinates have necessary motivation • Sources of employee resistance: o Don’t believe they have the ability o Lack motivation o Don’t want to take responsibility o Don’t believe certain tasks should be their responsibility o If management wants them to do more, they should get paid more o Don’t want power/ control o Don’t want to be too obvious More accountability More involvement in organization o Afraid of making costly mistakes...
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