Empowerment and Delegation 3

Empowerment and Delegation 3 - Why was all this so easy for...

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The Other Side of Leadership: Empowerment and Delegation What has Mac done to ensure success of approach? o Built collaborative, learning-oriented culture o Involved subordinates in setting unit goals, as appropriate o Insured clarity and understanding in assignments o Provided sufficient resources, including information o Matched levels of responsibility w/ appropriate levels of authority o Provided encouragement, evaluation, feedback, rewards as needed o Tolerated mistakes and expressed confidence in subordinates o Consistent in use of delegation and empowerment o Resisted “yo-yo” delegation/ empowerment: Doesn’t give tasks out and then take them back o Didn’t have to worry about cultural differences in acceptance of deleg./ empower. Opportunities, but might have to in future Culture’s management/ power ratio is key
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Unformatted text preview: Why was all this so easy for Mac? o Experienced employees all doing same jobs o Other systems in place: Can track progress accurately High success for employees Is Mac a good leader? o Yes, in this context W/ all this talk about delegation/ empowerment, is leadership even important? o Participation, delegation, and empowerment mean leadership may be less important o In todays organizations, some leaders make little difference o Leaders can make wrong decisions too o Younger employees may resist leadership o Neutralizers and substitutes may limit what leaders can do: Neutralizers may act to reduce leaders influence (employees dont value what leaders offer) Substitutes can act to replace leadership (experience, training, highly structured tasks, etc.)...
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Empowerment and Delegation 3 - Why was all this so easy for...

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