Negotiations 3

Negotiations 3 - Situational influences on negotiation o...

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Negotiations Preparing for integrative bargaining: o Analyze your and others’ underlying interests o Analyze priorities o “Unpack” negotiable issues (you win some, opponent wins others) o Think outside the box (can this actually be win-win?) Actual integrative: o Cooperate and build trust o Ask for and share information (selectively) about interests, priorities o Create value by trying to expand pie, especially if bargain zones don’t initially overlap o Shift from single-issue to multi-issue proposals o Look for differences that enable mutual tradeoffs: Expectations: what future may assume Risk: who assumes more? Time: how soon/ late for settlement
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Unformatted text preview: Situational influences on negotiation: o Location o Physical setting o Time passage and deadlines o Audience: are you negotiating for yourself or others? • Negotiation traps to avoid: o Winner’s curse: Settling for too little, even if you win o Hubris (excessive pride) Walking away w/o acceptable alternative o Agreement bias: Settling for terms that are worse just to get process over with o Assuming a fixed pie o Ignoring the perspective of your “opponent” • Types of third party intervention: o Mediation o Inquisition: boss can come in and control all o Arbitration: compulsory or non compulsory...
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Negotiations 3 - Situational influences on negotiation o...

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