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Power and Influence 2

Power and Influence 2 - o Reason and reciprocity Both...

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Power and Influence 10 ways to increase your power: o Learn more about job o Work harder o Do what it takes to get promoted o Make job more important, unique o Look for a job that is central to the work flow o Get job w/ much autonomy o Make accomplishments evident o Keep your name visible o Don’t get isolated o Get a good office Power and influence: o Influence: the exercise of power o Influence strategies: Reason: Help others to see why they should do what you’re asking Appeal to values Appeal to facts Reciprocity: Convince others to do what you ask Ingratiation Bargaining Retribution: Force others to do what you ask
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Intimidation Threat When is each influence strategy appropriate?
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Unformatted text preview: o Reason and reciprocity: Both parties trust each other Time available for discussion You want creativity in outcomes You want commitment to outcomes Only approaches that might allow you to gain something (make pie bigger) o Reason: Parties agree about their goals Parties not able to keep eye on each other o Reciprocity: Parties don’t agree about goals Parties are able to keep eye on each other o Retribution: One party has greater power Little time available for resolution Neither innovation nor commitment to outcomes is important When more powerful party can keep eye on other party...
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