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Types of Group and Team Output

Types of Group and Team Output - o Problem requires expert...

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Types of Group/ Team Output Group consensus Combined individual output Best (expert) individual output Lessons: o The importance of minority influence in team decision making Even when they’re wrong they contribute to detection of novel ideas o Advice for leaders and members to set norms for openness and assign devil’s advocates to raise multiple perspectives, counteract individual decision making biases Consensus best when: o Complicated problem, not divisible into parts Ex. best place to locate new plant o Multiple steps, but no correct order o No one has all the needed skills to solve o Cooperation will be needed for implementation Combined individual output best when: o Problem divisible into parts o Multiple steps that must be done in correct order o Each member has needed skills to deal w/ their part of the problem Best individual best when:
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Unformatted text preview: o Problem requires expert judgment o Relatively few steps required o At least one member has needed skills to solve problem o Solutions can eventually be verified • Disadvantages of groups/ teams: o Can be time consuming o Can be people intensive and costly o Can be dominated by a single individual o Production blocking and evaluation apprehension may prevent important information from being surfaced Production blocking: single individual domination Evaluation apprehension: fear of looking stupid in front of colleagues o False consensus might occur due to social pressures o Blame, responsibility, and/ or praise can be diffused o Risky or conservative shifts Group polarity: in group setting w/ risky or conservative individual, conversations can be reinforcing to lead to polarity...
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