Week 1 - Book Notes - Chapter 1

Week 1 - Book Notes - Chapter 1 - Week 1 Book Notes Chapter...

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Week 1 – Book Notes – Chapter 1 (1-5, 8-22) Measurement and evaluation are an inter-related process. Measurement is the task of administering a rest for the purpose of obtaining a quantifiable score. o Quantitative: numerical feedback o Qualitative: word feed back ( very good, good, poor . .etc) Evaluation: the translation of test results into meaningful information that will aid physical education and exercise science professionals in making judgments and unbiased decisions about data obtained through data. TERMINOLOGY Test - (examination, quiz. .etc) –all encompassing term that refers to instruments, protocols, or techniques used to measure quality or quantity of properties or attributes o interest. -reliability: precision, consistency, repeatability of the measurement - Validity: the degree to which it measures what it purports to measure Measurement- the process of collecting data on the property or attribute of intrest. (must be reliable and valid) Evaluation- the process of interrupting the collected measurement and determining some sort of worth or value. -gives value to measurement through application/interpretation Healthy People 2010 - (USDHHS)- a Proposed a comprehensive health promotion and Disease Prevention agenda o For the US pop ulation o Designed to increase quality and years of life as well as eliminate Health disparities
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o Physical fitness and activity are a major focus PROMOTIONS OF PHYSICAL ACTIVITY - Physical educators and exercise leaders are being called upon to be agents of change to promote active lifestyles in all segments of the American public. - Programs must be designed to activity not just within program but for long term OBESITY - Result of a energy imbalance - 2 many calories taken in, not enough burned - Measurement and evaluation should be included in the assessment of obesity in schools, and no school programs to determine I goals associated with obesity and physical activity set are achieved
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Week 1 - Book Notes - Chapter 1 - Week 1 Book Notes Chapter...

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