Week 3 - Class Notes

Week 3 - Class Notes - -Questions that arise from...

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Week 3 – Class Notes – Measurement and Evaluation January 21,2009 Placement (Classification): Grouping of similar (homogeneous) individuals Diagnosis: Accurate diagnosis can lead to effective and efficient “tailoring” of instruction or treatment Prediction: BP, activity levels, body fat, cholesterol Using these measurements to accurately predicts what’s going to happen in the future. Motivation The mere act of measurement and evaluation can increase motivation (goal setting, need to “look good” and/or impress people. Achievement: Grades, Performance, etc. Program Evaluation: Does your “prescription” (intervention, instruction, treatment, etc) really have an effect? With whom? Why? Why not? Maybe use to justify the importance of your position or program (budget cuts) Where Do Research Ideas Come From?
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Unformatted text preview: -Questions that arise from everyday (coaching, t e aching, training) experiences (and frustrations). o Why do we do things this way? o Would our outco m es be b ett er if we did things that way, or a noth er way? o What causes our stud ents (athletes, clients, etc) to beh av e as they do? o Always as the qu estion “Why”?-Questions that arise from reading the professional literature o Would these results be the same with my team (class, clients,etc). o Are there any other possible explanations for the author’s findings? o Always as the question WHY?-What makes for a good research idea? o ‘FINER’ principle F-easible I-nteresting (to the researcher) N-ovel (hasn’t been answered) E-thical R-elavant (important)...
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Week 3 - Class Notes - -Questions that arise from...

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