Week 1 - Book Notes - Chapter 1

Week 1 - Book Notes - Chapter 1 - THE CHANGING FACE OF THE...

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ATC’s are health care professionals who specialize in preventing, recognizing, managing and rehabilitating injuries HISTORY - Greek and Roman civilizations had coaches, trainers and physicians (Hippocrates ,Galen etc) who assisted athletes to reach full potential - AT’s came into existence around the 19 century with a firm establishment in intercollegiate and interscholastic athletes in the US - Treatment before (due to lack of knowledge) consisted of a rub, the application of some counter-irritant and the prescription of home remedies and poultices EVOLUTION OF THE CONTEMPORARY A.T - First text on A.T was THE TRAINERS BIBLE , by physician S. E. Bilik, in 1917 - 1920’s – the Cramer Family started a chemical co. and produced liniment to treat ankle sprains The FIRST AIDER (1932) book published - 1930’s – effort was made by several colleges to organize NATA o Struggled from 1938-1944 and disappeared during WWII o 1947-1950 – coaches began organizing again o 1950 – 101 coaches met in KC,MO and officiallt formed NATA
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Unformatted text preview: THE CHANGING FACE OF THE A.T PROFESSION Traditional Setting colleges, 2ndary, universities-within the past decade this has progressed to more of a health care provider role clinics, hospitals, occupational and industrial places also added to the list.- A.Ts no longer just help athletes, nor do they provided health care to individuals who are injured as a result of physical activity.- There is a desire to more closely align the athletic trainer with other allied health health professionals and to establish athletic training as a clinical health care profession has necessitated changes in terminology. Injured person = client or patient SPORTS MEDICINE-An umbrella term-Areas of specialization occur under the umbrella (Performance enhancement and injury care and management)-ACSM has defined SM as a multi-disciplinary o Physiological, biomechanical, psychological, and pthaological phenomena associated with exercise and sports-...
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Week 1 - Book Notes - Chapter 1 - THE CHANGING FACE OF THE...

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