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The_Face - The Face PED 217 1 The Face 2 Injuries to the...

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Unformatted text preview: The Face PED 217 05/29/11 05/29/11 1 The Face 05/29/11 05/29/11 2 Injuries to the Mandible Jaw Fracture – Jaw Mandibular Fracture Maxillary Fracture Make sure airway is Make maintained! maintained! Jaw Dislocation What sports? -baseball, soccer, -baseball, boxing..etc boxing..etc Involves the TMJ Involves (temporal madibular joint) joint) Zygomatic Fracture Zygomatic (check bones) (check 05/29/11 05/29/11 Usually obvious fx 3 TMJ Dysfunction Articulation between the temporal bone and Articulation the mandibular condyle the 05/29/11 05/29/11 4 Dental Injuries Most can be prevented with face guards and properly Most fitting mouth guards (need to cover all molars) fitting Fractured tooth – Fracture to the crown – enamel fracture Fracture to the dentin – exposes the pulp (if no bleeding to the gums, can continue to play!) Dislocated tooth – Dislocated Crooked – align ASAP Knocked out – several approaches can be taken 05/29/11 05/29/11 5 05/29/11 05/29/11 6 Nasal Injuries Nasal Fractures Epistaxis Raccoon eyes MOI? MOI? Profuse bleeding (a lot for a while – epistaxis) Immediate swelling Deformity Possibly crepitus Direct blow to the face (so check for concussion) Always R/O Concussion 05/29/11 05/29/11 7 Ear Injuries Hematoma auris Also known as Cauliflower Ear Collection of fluid in the outer ear due to twisting Collection and etc (usually seen in wrestling) and Mechanism – Mechanism contusion, contusion, wrenching, wrenching, extreme friction Usually a repeated injury 05/29/11 05/29/11 What sport is this most common? 8 Ear Injuries Cont. Ear Otitis Externa (swimmers ear) Otitis Media Impacted Cerumen 05/29/11 9 Eye Injuries Symptoms indicating the Symptoms possibility of serious injury: possibility 05/29/11 05/29/11 Blurred vision, not clearing Blurred with blinking with Loss of all or part of the Loss visual field visual Pain that is sharp, stabbing Pain or throbbing or Diplopia (seeing double) Enopthalmus Exopthalmus Orbital hematoma Hyphema – collection of blood in the anterior chamber Subconjunctival Hematoma 10 Eye injuries cont Eye Orbital hematoma Hyphema – collection of Hyphema blood in the anterior chamber chamber Subconjunctival Hematoma Corneal abrasions Hordeolum (sty) – infection Hordeolum of eyelash folicle of 05/29/11 Orbital Hematoma Hyphema – collection Hyphema of blood in the anterior chamber chamber Subconjuctival Subconjuctival Hematoma Hematoma Corneal abrasions Hordeolum (sty) – Hordeolum infection of the eyelash folicle folicle 11 Eye Injuries, cont. 05/29/11 05/29/11 12 Foreign body in the eye How do you properly How remove a foreign body from the eye?? from 05/29/11 05/29/11 Flush it out (water , Flush saline solution) saline Cotton swab and eyelash Cotton , it will most likely be on the lid) the 13 Eye Injuries, continued Rupture of the globe Blowout fracture Signs and Symptoms: Diplopia Pain when moving eye Retinal detachment Signs and Symptoms: 05/29/11 05/29/11 Painless Floating specks Flashes of light Blurred vision Curtain falling over field of Curtain vision vision Send right to an Send othamologiet othamologiet 14 Blowout Fracture MOI? Signs and Symptoms? Double vision Double Pain It may sit lower Other considerations? 05/29/11 05/29/11 15 ...
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